We were exploring where to go this Dashain break. There were so many places we haven’t been yet and it was quite difficult to choose one. We wanted to camp this time so it was okay if the trail didn’t have any hotels. After lots of research (blogs and youtube video!), we came up with an idea of going unexplored trails to Shey Phoksundo. Shey Phoksundo lake is a beautiful lake located in the Dolpo region of west Nepal with amazing views.

This was going to be an unusual trek full of surprises in a sense that we were not following trekking route. Dolpo district is not yet connected by roadways. Tourists usually go by plane. But we didn’t have a budget and we actually thought it would be fun exploring the route ourselves rather than following one.

And it was quite amazing from the very beginning. We got to talk with lots of local people and the fun part was that the people there were not used to with tourists. So we had genuine talks with them. They would wonder why would people from Kathmandu, the most developed city of Nepal walk for a week to see a small lake! It was quite interesting talking about our experiences and getting to know the places better. Some offered to help us in case we get lost. We took their phone numbers and promised to meet them if we ever come back!

At one point, we were on the most difficult route, I have ever experienced. We would have to cross this narrow path which had a width as much as 10 inches! People had somehow managed to create a small pathway on steep gigantic rocks right next to the roaring river. It was so narrow and risky that a small slip would cost a life. And for me with acrophobia, it seems to be impossible. And we definitely didn’t want to return! Finally taking some time to calm myself and taking help of Susan, I gathered some courage to cross that pathway. Susan held me and I cross the roadway step by step with my full attention!

By the late afternoon, we had wasted time taking shower in a stream. We also had to stop for snacks. We lost the track of time and when it started getting dawn, we were already late. We were crossing one hill after the another and there was no sign of settlement. It was dead silent with only the sound of a water beating rocks in the river. Slowly scary mountains were fading away and so were the road. There was a risk that we might hit sharp stones and get hurt or the worse, we might lose balance and fall off the cliff. And the worst part was that we were on top of one of the hill in the middle of nowhere. A cold breeze was hitting us. So we took out our torches and moved slowly watching our every step carefully.

When we reached our destination, everyone crashed on the bed and were dead sleep within a minutes.

When we reached our destination, everyone crashed on the bed and were dead sleep within a minutes.

We would have to follow the river for the next 2 days. The road was much easier than the previous one. We ascended slowly crossing rivers, walking through the forest. We would get tired but the amazing view of luscious green mountains, sounds of birds chirping, shades of tall trees, sound of river and smiles on the faces of porter would make it easy to move on. Trekking helps me escape boring workaday life and takes me to enjoying happy present. It makes me forget all the troubles I go through and that feels amazing!

Most of the villages in Shey Phoksundo National Park region were just two houses. There was one village Sangtang that only had one house. We had a meal there and it was so tasty. Just plain rice, fried dal, and green vegetable but the taste were amazing and unforgettable! We later heard that the place was famous for the most amazing Dalbhat in Shey Phoksundo region.

We resumed our trek. At 6 o clock, it was already dark and we were in a middle of dense forest. So we set up our camp, finding a good location with access to water and wood source. We boiled Sprigatti and added some pepper, salt, and cheese. It tasted amazing!

Next day we started early and walked for the entire day.

Shey Phoksundo is a hidden gem protected between scary barren mountains is this beautiful lake. It makes you appreciate the creativity of nature. Trail before 3 hours is a crazy rocky hill with spiky trails, dust where your legs could bury as much as your knee and fast flowing winds feels like a desert. Trails on this hill are quite steep and tacky but the view is quite amazing. You could see all these crazy complex mountains and wind taking away dust from one hill to other. No plants, now water sources just the bare naked mountains! as one of the guide told “Nanga Parbat haru!”

Shey Phoksundo trek was amazing and I am glad I did it. It was quite challenging to walk all day on scorching sun carrying food, tent and stuffs but in the end it was totally worth it. It ended up being quite adventurous trek of my life. It gave me encouragement to explore further despite my fear of heights. This trek would be saved forever in my memories.

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