Choosing the Perfect Stylish Men’s Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape


Have you been confused when choosing men’s eyeglasses? You are not alone. Many people experience this problem, but there is an easy way out. You need to know your face and buy from the right store. The GlassesShop is home to some of the most stylish mens eyeglasses. It is the go-to shop whether you seek fashionable sunglasses or quality prescription eyeglasses. The platform also offers various styles and frame styles. Therefore, there is something for everyone. All you need is the right tricks for choosing the perfect stylish men’s eyeglasses.

How to pick the suitable stylish men’s eyeglasses for your face shape

One of the critical elements you must consider when selecting a pair of glasses is your face shape. Not all glasses styles will look good on you. If you make the mistake of buying something that will not serve you the way you want, you will feel like you have wasted your money. Instead of buying blindly, let us make your work easy. Below is a guide for the right glasses for your face shape.

Eyeglasses for round faces

A lot of people have round faces. Glasses with an angular frame shape would be perfect for balancing your features. For instance, square-framed eyeglasses will make your face look slimmer. Lighter glasses would also be ideal for creating the impression of length. This will give your face more proportion. Steer clear of eyeglasses with round frames, for they will only make your face look more prominent and rounder.

Eyeglasses for square faces

For round faces, square or round-framed glasses would be fantastic. The trick is always going for frames that are not contrary to your face shape. This way, the eyeglasses soften your features. This is why some people look almost entirely different when they have glasses on.

Eyeglasses for long or square faces

Square or round eyeglasses are fantastic for people with long faces. They give the illusion of reduced length. If you have a long face, glasses wider than your cheekbones would also be appropriate. They will make your face look broader or fuller than it is. Thick-framed eyeglasses are also recommended for individuals with long or square faces. Their bulkiness balances out your face. This is fantastic for balancing out your face and is quite trendy.

Eyeglasses for heart or pear-shaped faces

Heart or pear-shaped faces are pretty rare but not non-existent. Individuals with this face shape have wider foreheads and cheekbones with thinner chins. Therefore, the right glasses should make the top part of the head look smaller. Oval-framed eyeglasses would be fantastic. They will soften your prominent forehead without highlighting your cheekbones, taking attention away from your unique face shape.


Besides your face shape, you should also consider your vision when choosing the right glasses. For this reason, you may benefit from a doctor’s prescription. Other elements to consider when choosing eyeglasses are; lens type, frame thickness, and cost. Now that you know what is expected of you, check out the various stylish men’s eyeglasses at GlassesShop, and you will love the experience.


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