How Long Does LED Outdoor Lighting Last?


Watching the incandescent bulbs instantly burn, people are now concerned about outdoor led lighting and its longevity. The good news, for now, is that led outdoor lights do not burn the incandescent bulb’s way. It slowly fades over time. The intensity and sharpness of light somewhat decrease, which points towards the LEDs getting weaker.

According to known statistics and facts, outdoor LEDs are believed to last 25tmes longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs. The life of LED lights is based on the element of lumen maintenance. L50 and L70 are the most well-known values to measure the life span of LED lights.

Well! That is the technical way of measuring the life of your outdoor LEDs. For a commoner, a few simple habits can increase the life of their LED lights. This blog post has shed light on the positive habits that can help you contribute to the life of your outdoor led lighting.

The LED outdoor lighting lasts for a long if you take these measurements.

1. Regularly Clean the LED Light Fixtures

The harshness of the weather and environment outside is not a secret! The harmful effects of dust, moisture, rain, and algae on outdoor lighting are already known. If you want your led outdoor lighting to last forever, you must take preventive measures. You should regularly clean the light fixtures to save them from deterioration caused by any environmental factor.

2. Check for any Loose or Broken Connections

Your lawn and the outdoor lighting are valuable to you. Raising them and caring for them as babies is a natural instinct. People who value their possession should know of a simple hack or a small practice that can help them maintain their outdoor lighting for a long.

Make it a habit to walk around your outdoor LED lights and look for any broken, missing, or loose connection. It is important because that fault may be in its early stages. Your regular check can detect and amend a problem right n the beginning.

3. Recheck your Plan

The gardening or lighting enthusiast watches their lawn and lighting way differently than many of us. Such folks are clear in their concepts about outdoor lighting, particularly when it is in the garden. There is a proper, well-designed lawn behind every aesthetically pleasing lighting system.

If you are one of them and want to see your outdoor LEDs thriving for a long, device a mechanism to put your pants and lights at different spots.


According to our blog, there are two simple ways to know how long the outdoor lighting will stay active and glisten. So, as mentioned above, one of them is to assess the lumen measurement. Well, this is something that not every common man can do. So let’s switch to a much easy job. Roam around your outdoor LED lights or approach them cleverly to look out for loose or broken connections. A prolonged loose connection can result in the LED’s failure. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help your LED stay fresh and illuminating forever.


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