How to Mix Vintage and Modern Styles: Tips for Wearing Vintage Belt Buckles Today


Are you looking to add vintage charm to your wardrobe; how about incorporating a belt buckle which is vintage and stylish both? A unique statement accessory can upgrade your fashion profile by popping up the personality from the outfit.

It does not matters if you are dressing up for a night out or making a casual move with a pair of jeans and t-shirts.

The real game starts when you mix vintage and modern to keep a harmonious time wrap. We have got some top tips for wearing a vintage belt buckle in a modernized way.

Start with a Simple Outfit

A thing of beauty is a joy forever; if you incorporate a vintage belt into your wardrobe, then it is essential to keep your outfit simple and let the buckle speak for itself.

It will help to minimizing the overpowering of too many bold items in one dress and make the vintage less appealing. Let the fashion sink in without using too much of everything by using a plain white t-shirt with a pair or denim with a vintage buckle belt.

Mix and Match Styles

Talking about types of belt buckles, vintage buckles has got the correct fame for their authentic classic factor. The belt buckles come in a variety of shapes and sizes; now, it is up to you to create a look that is a mix-and-match style.

You can style a cow-boy style buckle with a sleek black dress or try wearing an art deco-styled buckle with a bohemian-inspired outfit. Take full liberty of using a mix and match to get a confident, unique styling.

Consider Color and Material

While selecting what buckle to wear, it is vital to know and pay heed to the color and material of the buckle; materials can make the buckle look and feel different. For instance, a few vintage buckles are made of silver or brass, which can complement an outfit that is dressy. The buckles with jewels or gemstones can be used on the festive occasion where you can play around using vigorous materials.

Jackets can also play well; with a silver buckle, a black leather jacket can help outstand the belt, making it unique and showing its historical importance on point.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Eras

Add fun mixing of modern to vintage and play the game of different eras to create a completely new genre. You can have the option of choosing a mid-century modern buckle with a retro outfit, or may be choose a Vicotrian style buckle with a modern day contemporary dress.

The vital key is to remain mindful of selecting pieces that must complement each other in one or the othe way, rather than clashing.

Experiment with Layering

How about layering a vintage buckle belt with a sweater or a cardigan of your choice. You do not need to have any other accessory if you have got this particular one.

What an innovative way is to reuse the vintage buckle as a chain pendant. It is upto your creative mind of how well you create the layering of vintage buckles that can go together for a unique and eye-catching look.

Make it a deal to incorporate your vintage buckles back intot your wardrobe and step a foot forward among all your fashion peeps. Mix and matching the vinateg and contempiraryr can give you a unique fusion of both eras.

In short a vintage outfit can add a charming touch to any outfit by accentuating the originality of its made with the beauty it adds to the overall personality.


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