Questions When Choosing a Plus Sized Bra

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If you are looking for a plus sized bra, you might wonder if it is enough to go at the counter in your local store and just ask for a plus sized bra, give your measurements and receive a box. As much we would like for this to happen, women’s underwear shopping has never been this busy.

And especially if you are a plus sized woman, you know that there are several factors to be considered before buying a plus sized bra. This is why, we have organised a list of questions for you to ask, when making the purchasing decision and roaming through your local lingerie store

Is It Even A Plus Sized Bra?

Not having enough information before going to buy a plus sized bra can result in being scammed. A plus sized bra usually has a thicker brand as compared to other types. When the thickness of the brand is 38 inches and greater, then that is considered a plus sized bra. Along with a wider bra band, bras for plus sized women also come with additional boning material on the sides to give you extra support. Although, it might not always be there, but if there is additional material under your armpit then the bra is plus sized

Are You Looking For The Correct Information?

You might also be surprised to find out that a cup size has nothing to do with a plus sized bra. When categorizing plus sized bras, cup sizes usually remain greater than D, but a D sized cup in a normal bra does not make it a plus sized bra. In normal bras, you may even find d and DD+ cups, however the band size range between 28 to 38 inches, which is definitely not made for a plus sized woman. What you have to look for when buying plus sized is the band width and shoulder bands, along with any additional support on the sides.

Are You Plus Sized?

Plus sized bras are meant to cater to the demographic of a plus sized audience. Often times I have heard women complain about failures in bra shopping simply because they don’t understand their own body size and category. If you are looking for a plus sized bra because normal bras make your neck and shoulders hurt, then the solution for you is a bra with greater support not a plus sized bra. Similarly, if you are heavy breasted but your band width is less than 38 inches, then again you might need to buy a greater cup size than a plus sized bra.


If your answer to all these three questions is in denial, then you most certainly do require a plus sized bra. In this category, you will be bombarded with a range of options because plus sized bras does not mean boring granny bras. So, before you head out for shopping, here is a list of the kind of plus sized bras you will find in the market:

  • Contour bras – with an under wire
  • Full coverage – read granny bras but most comfortable
  • Non-padded bras – these are soft breezy and offer breathing room
  • Sports bras – yes sports bras also come in plus sizes


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