The Top Human Hair Wig Types Based On Their Origin


The human hair wigs are the most talked-of products in the hair industry. Human hair wigs are made from hair donated by people in different parts of the world. Most donors hail from countries with reputations for their great natural hair. The market features so many human hair wig types that wearers often get confused when purchasing the products. This post discusses the top types according to their origin.

Common human hair wig types by source

Human hair wigs can be categorized based on their characteristics, manufacturing technique, texture, lace material, and source. Below are the top human hair wig types based on their origin;

1. Brazilian human hair

Brazilian hair is sourced from Brazilian women. These women are known to have healthy and top-quality heads of hair. They donate their hair, which is used to make human hair wigs. Brazilian human hair wigs are the most sought-after by wig wearers. Brazilian hair is naturally thick and coarse. This makes it an excellent choice for African American women. Brazilian hair is naturally wavy, is easy to maintain, and lasts for long. It is also highly versatile and blends seamlessly with natural hair. Brazilian hair is considered the gold standard for human hair. The primary downside of Brazilian hair is that it is expensive to acquire. There are also numerous inauthentic Brazilian human hair wigs on the market.

2. Malaysian human hair

Malaysian hair is naturally soft and silky, thick and voluminous. It features an attractive natural shine and lustrous texture. Human hair wigs made with Malaysian hair are easy to manage because the hair does not tangle easily or shed. Malaysian hair is also easy to style and highly versatile. The downside is that real Malaysian hair is rare. Therefore, most human hair wigs claiming to be Malaysian hair are usually inauthentic.

3. Indian human hair

Human hair wig types made with Indian hair are usually versatile and popular among African American women. Indian hair is naturally silky and lustrous. It comes in varying textures like straight, wavy, and curly. This allows you to wear it in various styles. The hair is easy to style and does not demand complex maintenance. Indian hair also has an attractive natural dark color that stands out.

4. Peruvian human hair

Peruvian hair is one of the best quality hair in the hair extensions and wig market. It is naturally thick, easy to manage, coarse, and incredibly soft. It is also lightweight, lustrous, and highly voluminous. Their incredible volume allows you to create fuller hairstyles with a few hair bundles. Peruvian hair is also known for its multi-purpose texture that helps it blend perfectly with natural and relaxed African American and Caucasian hair.

Final word

Besides the human hair wig types above, there are several other options. The ones listed above are the most popular and easiest to find. However, they are also the most expensive and prone to authenticity issues. Therefore, it would be wise to understand the characteristics of the various human hair types so you can tell real and fake ones apart.


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